Dance Classes


Our Ballet program is designed to challenge dancers at every level.  We provide 4 levels of formal ballet classes.

  • Pre-Ballet: This class is recommanded for kids who are in kindergarten and are new to ballet dance. Your little dancer will be introduced to the beauty of ballet arts. They will learn ballet arm and feet positions, as well as the basic ballet steps. This class will help dancers developping coordination, balance and flexibity.
  • Ballet 1: Suitable for ages 7-9. Students will learn the classical ballet barre, focusing on center work, such as arm positions, balances, basic turns, and jumps, which will be combined to create simple combinations. 
  • Ballet 2: Suitable for ages 9-11. This class continues focusing on ballet terminology and techniques. Students will exercise barre work, center and accross the floor to have better understanding of body alignment, movement quality and flexibility. Students will also learn more complicated combinations and floor patterns in the center.
  • Ballet 3: Suitable for ages above 12. This is advanced ballet class. Special designed advanced barre work, center and accross the floor exercise will help dancers to better the technique, performance quality and confidence. 


Our folk program will mainly focus on Chinese folk dance. Students will learn the popular dance styles of different ethnic groups. Student will also learn a series of highly difficult techniques, including jumping and leaping, turning, and flipping.


Hip-Hop dance is a fast-paced, high-energy form of dance with a wide range of styles in including the basics of Breaking, Locking and Popping.  Freestyle (improvise) is also very important with every style of Hip Hop Dance.

K-POP dance is a variation of HipHop dance. If you want to learn how to dance like your favorite K-Pop idol? We offer k-pop class that will not only let you learn the latest K-Pop choreographies, but also to help you become a better dancer and performer.

Our hip-hop/k-pop classes start with a warm-up designed to get the blood pumping and the muscles working intensely, and then students will move on to learning and perfecting more difficult choreography.

Jazz, Lyrical, & Contemporary/Modern

Our Jazz/Lyrical/Contemporary/Modern program combines the strength and base of ballet with the swing and power of jazz technique to train dancers in performance expression, technique versatility and fluidity in movement.

Adult Classes

We provide different levels adult classes including Barre and Technique, Chinese Folk Dance, and Chinese Classical Dance.

Class Placement​​​​​

  • New students will take a placement class during which the instructor will determine the correct class for the student. Sometimes, an extended period of one to three weeks is required to observe the student in our classroom setting before this determination can be made.
  • Class placement is at the sole discretion of our teaching staff.
  • Placement at every level is based on several factors including age, maturity, accomplishment, physical strength and commitment.

Class Advancement

Advancement may occur at any time, but on average students are expected to remain in a level for a minimum of one year. Your child may not be promoted every year. Our primary concern is that a student should be placed in a level that is appropriate to his or her skill level and physical strength. If the child is promoted too soon, then he or she will miss some very valuable training. These children also struggle in the next level, which is unnecessary and could result in injury. A student who carefully develops his or her technique early in the curriculum will find advancement in later years to be smoother and more rewarding.